Clear definable goals

  1. Stay strong but stay lean (competitor shape). Work toward pro card. Get pro card. Get even stronger. Win some trophies at a powerlifting meet. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

  2. Craig Hirota says:

    raw squat 227.5 kgs, raw bench 155 kgs, raw dl 295 kgs at 105 kgs or less BW. Those are my goals to be achieved within the next 6 months. All would be lifetime PR’s. Current meet PR’s: 207.5kg sq (accomplished 3 months ago at 104 kg), 340 lb bp (accomplished 4.5 yrs ago when I was a fat 285 lbs), 292.5 kg dl (accomplished 9/1992, 100 kg wt class, can’t remember what I actually weighed, that was a long time ago)

  3. Jay Ashman says:

    Excellent goals, Hiro, no doubt you will get them


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