Another ASS Book testimonial from an infamous “circuit training” writer

  1. I was going to include the “licking both sides of the cock” quote, but I thought it was too graphic…and puzzling…

  2. plugpilot says:

    When can we buy it?!

    • Jay says:

      It will be up next week for sure. The guy doing the formatting is putting final touches on, I’m setting up all the e-commerce myself through PayPal and it will be next week. Subscribe and you’ll get notified as soon as its up

      Thanks man!!

  3. Jason Ashman says:

    +1 for supreme hard work and dedication devoted to doing something that is horribly time consuming and generally sucks (I know- I’m writing a thesis right now)….. and for (embracing and) refusing to budge off the name “ASS Training Book”.

    +2 for giving me props for my super-quality editing. 🙂

    • Jay says:

      Thank you. You and Drywall will both be immortalized in ebook form as editors. Thank you both for making my work sound more professional.


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