Late night thoughts

  1. Angela says:

    I like this…especially the part about ” if you pass on 99% percent of the world won’t even know you are gone”. Although, I think the percentage is less than that. I think people do not realize how they impact another. Some things , whether they were said or done to me stay with me , although THEY may not remember saying or doing it. Recently someone I had not seen in 7 years apologized for something they did to me at work..I had no idea what they were talking about but for the last 7 years it bothered them. I just smiled and said it’s all hard feelings.
    It can be hard to follow your heart but I have learned that is the best way to be. My gut feeling told me to take a contract out here. Was told by coworkers and friends I was crazy. Had no support from my family, Management here thought I could not hack it. .but I followed my heart ANYWAYS. Did not realize until five years later the importance of that life change. Before, I was drinking, over eating, miserable, in debt, and trying to find a way to climb out of a hole that just seemed to get bigger. Now my life has done a complete full circle..I am still me, just stronger, healthier, have done so many things outside my comfort zone, that I am truly enjoying myself. Sure I have my days…oh well..I will take the bad with this good anyday! 🙂 besides…… I want to look back on my life and smile..and say ” what a great ride”


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