Strong and Fit

Strong and Fit group coaching is our general Strength and Conditioning Progam. We lead this program with the intent to improve your overall strength level, provide a balance to your training, and to challenge you with “finishers” meant to increase your heart rate, build lean muscle, and to have fun training.

This program is coached by one of our qualified instructors who will help you with form, challenge you to push yourself, and ensure your safety.

These sessions are for everyone from beginners to advanced trainees and we can accommodate you if you cannot perform a certain exercise.

You are encouraged to keep a training log in order to see how you progress over time. This program will challenge you, help you feel better, help you be more confident due to your increased strength, and it is one hell of a good time.

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Powerlifting coaching is about getting a stronger squat, bench, and deadlift.

As a USAPL Silver Level Regional Training facility we offer the exact bars, plates, and racks you will use in competition as well as the coaching pedigree to lead you to a bigger total.

Our coaching and programming has pushed lifters to elite totals, international competition, and has helped people progress from, “that looks like something I would want to try”, to stepping on the platform for the very first time. We will help you with your form, coach you, assess your lifting to determine the best course of action leading up to a meet, emphasize teamwork and supporting your fellow competitors, make it fun, and help you be prepared fully for your meet and set you up for future success.

​If you have zero current desire to compete but wish to train like a Powerlifter, we welcome you just the same. We also host seminars for helping you to be a better and more efficient lifter.

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Whether you want to compete in weightlifting, an athlete looking to be more powerful, or just get better at the quick lifts, our USA Weightlifting (USAW) Certified coaches are here to help you. We will help you learn and refine your technique, and train you to get stronger and more powerful.  

For those looking to compete, we are there for you starting with training, meet prep, and meet coaching. For those looking to use weightlifting to become better at other sports, we will work around your busy and demanding sports training schedule to help you be the best athlete you can.  

If you compete in CrossFit and wish to improve your Olympic Lifting form, we are the place for you in downtown Kansas City.



Nutrition counseling

Our Nutrition Counseling is geared towards helping you choose healthy foods, planning a meal properly, and sustaining it for a lifetime. We follow the Precision Nutrition method of nutritional coaching and it has been shown to be the most effective method in helping clients and athletes maintain their health, performance, and fitness levels whether you use macros or "intuitive" eating

If you have a specific issue and wish to go beyond simple nutritional coaching, we can help you as our experience in performance nutrition has helped numerous athletes cut weight, or gain weight without added body fat. 

Sarah Ashman, who has a Masters in Dietetics and is a credentialed and licensed Registered Dietitian, is able to go beyond performance nutrition and assist you with any specific health needs, including laboratory testing, clinical support for digestive disorders, weight management, cardiovascular and metabolic needs, chronic inflammatory conditions, and more.

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Online coaching

Jay and Sean have both worked with hundreds of clients remotely. As a matter of fact Jay remotely coached Sean to a record breaking performance at the 2016 USAPL Raw Nationals.

We know not everyone can put their lives on hold, move to Kansas City, find a new job, and be coached by us at our gym so we offer the next best thing instead. Our online coaching options will provide you with the framework and accountability to train optimally, safely, and with attention to the detail you need to succeed.

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