Online coaching

Online coaching with the Kansas City Barbell coaching Team

1. Weekly updates through TrueCoach
2. Comprehensive intake form to determine the best way to proceed with your program
3. Specificity towards your goals, injury history, and equipment access
4. Accountability with check-ins via text or email at least twice a week
5. Access to the KCBB members’ Facebook group
6. Competition prep, peaking, and game day strategy for competitors

Remote training details:

Nutritional Counseling Details:

Our remote coaching is geared towards helping you reach your goals through the most efficient means and using evidence/practical based methods. Our comprehensive intake form helps us determine the best course of action to take for your program and what you value as a client.

We have a collective history of 40+ years of coaching, sport, and training. We use that knowledge and experience to help our clients reach the apex of their physical goals.

1. Customized nutritional counseling based on your compliance with eating style and goals
2. Initial detailed consultation to determine your best course of action
3. Weekly check-in to ensure you are staying the course as well as more frequent check-ins as needed. There aren’t any limits to how often we communicate if that is what is needed for you to get on track
4. Performance, weight loss, weight gain, or general health and lifestyle management. 

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If you’re looking for a place with an inclusive environment, a place where trainers (and gym goers alike) challenge you to finish a workout with power and proper form, a place that yields real results, then KC Barbell is just the place for you.

I’m happy I found this place.

Polo Camacho


Upon starting, my primary goals were to learn the nuances of powerlifting from someone more experienced, as well as have a framework to follow, and to finally accomplish an officially sanctioned powerlifting meet. Jay and Sean both have a lot of real world knowledge and experience in competing themselves for many years as well as coaching others who compete.
I have had a great experience at KCBB and would recommend it to anyone considering their services. Jay and Sean provide outstanding coaching to their member. There is an awesome community atmosphere that has been developed as well. Come in, work hard, make progress, meet new friends, cheer on your brethren, and feel accomplished.

Dustin Taber


I first met Jay Ashman about two and a half years ago when I first learned I was going to be deployed to Afghanistan.

It was the best decision I ever made for my training. He helped me prepare for a rigorous 12 month long deployment of an Infantryman in unforgiving terrain. I was able to make huge strides in my strength, endurance, and overall size.

Even throughout my deployment, he would go out of his way to help me, whether it was a question I had or to do a program for me. I wholeheartedly believe that any soldier in the area should consider working with Jay. This is a great way for any soldier to improve their PT score, lose weight, get into better shape, or just to get stronger.

John Shaffer


Jay is great with people who have no athletic background as well as all levels of athletes. About halfway through my meet prep I found out I was pregnant. I decided to continue to prep and compete, I'd been lifting for years and knew my body and my form was good so I wouldn't hurt myself. While I didn't try to set any crazy new maxes since I was pregnant, I kept up doing what I knew I could do and felt great about being able to lift heavy. I competed at 11 weeks pregnant. Overall I loved the experience and will be back at it as soon as I can once my baby is born. I'm planning for a fall 2017 meet. Thanks Jay for being my mental 'spotter' and for your knowledge and encouragement. Words I'll remember every time under the bar, "don't overthink it, just squat. You're good enough for this. You deserve this."

Susanne Kimball

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