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When I first started working with Jay I was benching 385, squatting around 535, and pulling 500. By week 74 of my training, I was squatting 525x3. Obviously this was a crazy PR considering that my best squat with wraps was 535. These squats were in sleeves, no wraps.

In the same week, I hit 415x3x2 in a pause bench. At my second official meet, I benched 450, squatted 590, and pulled 600 for a total of 1640. Prior to working with Jay I had always thought about competing but never had the confidence to do so. Working with Jay gave me the confidence in my numbers to finally step on the platform and reach numbers I thought were well out of reach.

Nick Dailey


I trained with Jay during my meet prep for Relentless Detroit in November of 2015.  The time I spent training alongside him was invaluable.  Not only did I get the training necessary to enable me to hit PR's on the platform, but I gained the knowledge necessary to be able to apply that to my own training for the next Relentless meet in July 2016.

Jay has a natural ability to break down each movement and help you understand why you're doing what you're doing instead of "here, do this."  He takes the time to analyze your lifting and points out what weaknesses you need to work on to help your lifts.

Daniel Hentges


Great instruction and amazing lifting environment. It is refreshing to go to a place dedicated to lifting heavy weight safely and properly. I have never been to a gym like this for adults. As a former athlete, I love the individualized attention and supportive atmosphere that allows me to compete with my previous goals and cheer on others crushing theirs.

Caitlyn Kogge


Jay and Sean are the best! They don't just care about you lifting heavy, they care about you lifting properly. There's a lot of different classes and they create a program specifically for you.

They have developed a great environment where you feel encouraged and excited to come to the gym. So happy to be a part of this gym!

Tiffanie Chun

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